The Importance of Relationships in Sourcing Medicinal Plants

What is the role of wellness-based, natural product businesses in caring for the health of the planet? What is our responsibility, as individuals, as companies, and as a sector?

The harsh irony of the natural products industry is that the nature of our business can have negative impact on the ingredients, communities, and the planet all in the name of creating health and healing products. What does it take to shift this so that sourcing botanicals and producing herbal and natural products can create the healthy, resilient human and ecological communities needed for all of us to thrive, not just those who buy the products?

During this session, explore what it takes to establish and maintain the type of relationships needed to truly use business as a force for good while also fulfilling the rigorous demands of sourcing high quality herbs in a global context. Herbs are traded within the legacy of colonialism. To what extent can developing equitable relationships help address the historical inequities that still inform the flow of resources in the herb industry?

Education Track: Sustainability

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Date & Time
Thursday March 14th, 2024 4:00pm PDT
End Date & Time
Thursday March 14th, 2024 5:00pm PDT
Marriott, Elite 1