CANCELLED: What Is A2/A2 Organic Milk & Why Is It Important to Your Consumers?

Note: Unfortunately we have had to cancel this session. "What Is A2/A2 Organic Milk & Why Is It Important to Your Consumers?" will not take place on Friday at 1:15pm in Marriott, Grand Ballroom E.

A2/A2 dairy has gained momentum in the past year and there are now multiple brands on retailer shelves of A2/A2 dairy products, as well as brands that are using A2/A2 as the dairy ingredient in their products. But there is a lot of consumer and retailer confusion about A2/A2 dairy and this session will help to clear that up.

What is A2/A2 organic milk? Why is it called 'digestible dairy'? What does it have to do with lactose intolerance? Is it only from a special breed of cows? Is it a part of the milk or does if have to do with processing? Is it better than regular milk? Is it more nutritious? Why are consumers switching to it? Why are coffee, chocolate, baby food and ice cream brands starting to use it, and highlighting it as one of their key differentiators?

This session is for retailers (or curious consumers) who would like to learn the history, genetic science and biological science of beta casein protein; how A2 beta casein mutated to create an A1 version which is prevalent in most western dairy; why that mutated version is linked to many digestive and immune issues; and how A2/A2 dairy is giving many people the opportunity to have dairy back in their lives (hello coffee, lattes, and pizza!) Though scientific in nature, this educational session will be presented in layman's terms, with graphs, videos and consumer experiences that retailers can take with them to educate their staff and customers.

Education Track: Nutrition & Special Diets

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Date & Time
Friday March 15th, 2024 1:15pm PDT
End Date & Time
Friday March 15th, 2024 2:00pm PDT
Marriott, Grand Ballroom E