FSAs, HSAs & Dietary Supplements: Current Coverage & Future Opportunities

Don’t miss CRN’s (Council for Responsible Nutrition) informative education session, where experts will discuss key topics around access to dietary supplements through FSA & HSA programs (purchases with pre-tax funds).

Learn about:

  1. Current regulations and how supplements can be reimbursed
  2. Potential legislation to expand dietary supplement reimbursement, and
  3. An important economic report on how billions of dollars in potential U.S. healthcare costs can be saved through the broad use of common dietary supplements

Education Track: Supplements & Wellness

*This session is included with Exhibit Hall Badge.

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FSAs, HSAs and Dietary Supplements Presentation

Date & Time
Wednesday March 13th, 2024 1:30pm PDT
End Date & Time
Wednesday March 13th, 2024 2:15pm PDT
Marriott, Grand Ballroom F