America's Frenemy: Sugar Addiction & Sweet Solutions

Three out of every four products you can buy contain sugar or sweeteners (or both), yet 75% of American adults are trying to reduce their sugar intake. The market is split on solutions for sugar reduction, with brands doubling down and digging ever deeper into the natural sweetener space and others innovating with naturally sweet ingredients and testing how low they can push grams of sugar while appeasing general sensory acceptance. Our panel of experts will review the state of sugar and sweeteners in America, where sugar restriction fits and fails in public health and policy, and the latest trends in sweet innovations.

Education Track: Nutrition & Special Diets

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Date & Time
Friday March 15th, 2024 2:15pm PDT
End Date & Time
Friday March 15th, 2024 3:00pm PDT
Marriott, Grand Ballroom E