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Avafina welcomes you to come to our booth 1504 to try our NEXTY AWARD FINALIST CHIAVIAR! Chiaviar is the plant based caviar. Chiaviar is the first ever plant based caviar, made with Chia seeds. Citrusy and refreshingly decadent. Chiaviar is best enjoyed with our four flavored "cream fresh" plant based cheeses: Original, Pesto, Spicy Chipotle and Onions & Chives.
Our inspiration for Avafina Organics was simple: we wanted people to be able to eat real, wholesome, nutritious organic foods, We are committed to feeding the world organic, whole superfoods that are also raw, vegan, gluten free and kosher. We are passionate about organic foods and unprocessed nutrition, because we are what we eat and what we put in our bodies matters. As more people are able to chose organic foods, we would be able to clean the earth one farm at a time and also one body at a time.
Other, Gluten/Wheat Free, Kosher/Parve, Organic Ingredients, Organic Processed/Packaged, Packaged Grains/Cereal, Vegan, Plant-based Cheese, Plant-based Fish & Seafood, Herbs & Spices, Pepper, Salt
1580 Brigantine Dr
Coquitlam, BC V3K 7C1
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